10 Genius Beauty Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

Beauty Hacks

1 # Use a green and orange corrector to balance foundation shades.

Beauty advice for the face: These are complementary colours or totally opposite shades. If you have a red button, use a green corrector to reduce the redness. For example, first moisturize your skin and use a palette of green and orange correctors to correct uneven skin tone. Then apply the foundation and corrector of your colour to the entire surface by tapping. Finish with your typical make-up routine.

2 # Apply foundation to the Centre of your face and blend in

Beauty tips for women If you apply a lot of foundation around the jaw or hairline, you will look like you are wearing a mask. If you start from the centre, the product fades at the edges for a more natural look.

3 # Apply the Bronzer in the shape of “3” for a quick contour

Do not apply tanner all over the face, apply it in the shape of three on the forehead, cheekbones and jaw.

4 # Work on these (tri)angles Work Those (Tri)angles beauty tips for girls

Draw a triangle under your eyes to illuminate the entire eye area.

5 # Contour with Just Blush

As Pat McGrath says, applying a pink peach tint to the brow bone and temples “almost like a tanner” warms the complexion, refines the face a little and suggests that you have the circulation of a Renaissance child with a red head.

Start with the temples, bend upwards, and connect both sides to the middle of your forehead, staying close to the edges as you whirl and polish continuously. This external shadow makes the eye think it is a smaller space.

6 # Mastering perfect button coverage

Apply foundation, concealer and setting powder to ensure that the stain is completely covered and the product does not move.

7 # Fill Your Brows the Right Way

It can make you look like Groucho Marx’s twin. The key to making your eyebrows darker but natural is not to get the formula you use on your skin. If you have a bald spot that you are trying to fill, that’s one thing, but if you’re just trying to deepen your eyebrow color, your best choice is an eyebrow mascara that you can slide slightly for a more spectacular but credible effect.

8 # Contour under your cheekbones for a diamond face shape

When it comes to highlighting, focus on the area under your eyes in the shape of an inverted triangle and along your brow bone to brighten your eyes, then do the middle of your forehead and the middle of your chin to help expand these naturally narrow areas.

9 # Use tiny hair strokes to give your eyebrows a natural look

If you do this too severely, you risk making them appear immediately attracted (i.e. false). Instead, create the shape using tiny hair-like strokes, whether you use a pencil, an angular brush with powder on the eyebrows or a mascara on the eyebrows.

10 # Circle the sides of your forehead for a heart-shaped face

Start along the sides of your forehead and temples to create a balance between the wider upper half of your face and the narrower lower half. Then work on the area under your cheekbones, starting with your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks, and then the small area just below your chin to soften the point.


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