15 Useful Clues To Understand Your Dog Better

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16 useful hints to better understand your dog

Understanding a dog’s body language is essential to establishing a strong and trustworthy relationship with your four-legged friend. This is very important because dogs are a source of unlimited positivity.

Do you know what your pet is trying to make you understand in various situations? We will help you understand any dog. Don’t forget to click on this button and share the article with a friend who recently had a puppy. Let’s get started right away.

Here are 16 useful hints to better understand your dog.

Situation 1: The dog wags his tail down.

If the dog wags his tail slowly, it means he doesn’t understand what’s going on. The dog asks you what you want him to do. So help him navigate in the situation When the dog’s tail wags quickly, it means that he admits that you are in charge

Situation 2: The tail is raised and trembles slightly.

This means that your dog challenges your authority because he considers himself responsible for the situation.In this case, your dog sees himself stronger and more courageous.. He is in a good mood and tries to say, “I am proud of myself. I feel fine!”

Situation 3: The tail is hidden between the legs.

The folded tail is a sign that the dog is afraid, afraid of pain or uncomfortable. Most often, the dog hides its tail between its legs when it is really afraid of something or someone. However, if there is no obvious reason to be concerned and your pet tucks its tail in often enough, you should take it to the vet. Be careful with the dog’s eyes.

Situation 4: The eyes are wide open and alert.

Is that how your pet tries to get your attention? He challenges you and your dog expects you to react firmly. Keep in mind that when approaching an unknown dog, it is best to avoid looking directly into his eyes to see if there is aggressiveness in his eyes.

Situation 5: The dogs are twins and blink

This means he’s ready to play, it’s time to throw his favorite ball or go for a walk. If your dog squints a lot, his eyes might hurt. Peers can also tell you something important about your pet’s move.

Situation 6: The Ears rise straight up or inclined forward

the dog shows you that he is curious and reacts to a new event in his environment This means that your dog is very attentive to everything that is happening around him.

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