30 Baking Hacks Baking that will change the way you cook


You don’t need to work in a professional kitchen to cook like a pro. In fact, all you really need to produce delicious and beautiful baked goods at home is a little old-fashioned ingenuity. There are all kinds of creative ways of doing the work that do not involve sophisticated tools or expensive ingredients. However, the final results are still as good as ever.

Whether it’s making complex drawings with icing or other simpler things like how to heat eggs faster, these 30 Baking Hacks are things everyone should know. Once you learn these tips and tricks, you’ll probably never cook the same way again.

1.Ripen bananas faster

If time is short and you need your bananas to ripen faster, put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 300°F. They will come out perfectly ripe and ready to be immediately transformed into a delicious banana bread instead of having to wait days and days for them to ripen on their own.

2.Egg shell problems

Everyone knows how boring it can be to break an egg and have a small piece of shell accidentally fall into the bowl. The little pieces are so hard to get out! The next time this happens, simply wet your finger and place it near the shell. It will be attracted to your finger and attach itself to it.

3.Cookies cup

If you dip your cookie cutter in flour before using it, it will slice the dough much more easily. There will be almost no collage. You may need to add a little more flour occasionally, depending on the number of cookies you cut. The idea is to keep it well coated.

4.Canned cake secrets

The next time you use a pre-made cake mixture in a box, try replacing the vegetable oil in the recipe with butter. It’s much better this way. For an even richer cake, you can also use milk, coconut milk, buttermilk or juice instead of water.

5.Reheat the eggs

Many recipes say that eggs should be used at room temperature. If you have just taken the eggs out of the refrigerator, it may take some time. One way to heat them up faster is to place the unbroken eggs in a bowl of hot water. After a few minutes, they are ready for use.

6.Application of glazing

Have you ever wondered how professionals make the icing on their cakes and cookies look so perfect? The trick is to use a syringe. Fill a syringe with the icing and press it into the pattern of your choice.

7.Softener butter

Have you ever taken a butter stick out of the refrigerator or freezer and it is hard as a rock? Soften the butter more quickly by placing it in a plastic bag and then covering it with a rolling pin. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the bag.

8.Keep cookies moist

If not stored properly, cookies can become outdated and hard quite quickly. To keep them moist, try to place a piece of apple in the container with them. The apple piece will prevent the cookies from drying out so quickly.

9.Grate your butter

When you bake cookies and pie shells, you want your butter to be distributed as evenly as possible in the dough. An easy way to do this is to grate your butter before adding it. Any regular cheese grater will work very well.

10.Powdered sugar drawings using lace

If you have no more icing, make fresh patterns on top of your cupcakes or cookies by sprinkling powdered sugar through a piece of lace. Simply place the lace on the baked product. Then pour a small layer of powdered sugar on top.

11.Making powdered sugar

If a recipe requires powdered sugar, but you only have regular sugar, don’t worry! You can do yours. Add one cup of sugar to a food processor or blender with one tablespoon of cornstarch. Then, pulsate lightly several times until the desired consistency is obtained.

12.Colour glazing with Jello

If you don’t have any food colouring on hand, another way to colour the icing is to use the Jello mixture. It also adds a delicious fruity flavour to the icing. Follow this recipe to get the perfect balance between colour and flavour. You don’t want to accidentally abuse it.

13.Protection against splashes from the mixer

Make your own mixer mudguard using a paper plate. Drill a hole in the middle of the plate and place it around your mixer. The plate will prevent your ingredients from splashing out of the bowl as you mix them. This hack works equally well for hand mixers and floor mixers.

14.Hardened brown sugar

If your brown sugar is hard as a brick and stuck in a pile of clumps, try cooking it in the microwave. Place the brown sugar in an ovenproof dish and cover with a damp paper towel. Then cook in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It should come out much softer.

15.Sticky measurement

One of the big problems when measuring sticky substances such as honey or molasses is that they always get stuck in the measuring cup.Try coating your measuring cups for the next time with cooking spray first. This will make everything you measure sliding back much easier.

16.Keep the brown sugar soft

Prevent from hardening by keeping a slice of bread in the container.. You can also use some large marshmallows. Don’t worry about the mould on the bread either. Normally, this is not a problem and you should rarely have to change it.

17.Slicing bakery products

Flossing is ideal for slicing foods such as cinnamon rolls or cheesecakes. It will cut perfectly through without sticking like a knife. This hack works for just about anything that is baked.

18.Create your own brown sugar

If you find yourself fresh with brown sugar, create your own by mixing together white sugar and molasses. Mix one cup of sugar with 2 tablespoons of molasses and mix. It’s easier if you have a small food processor, but it can also be mixed with a spoon.

19.Whipped fluffy cream

When you make your own whipped cream from scratch, cooling the bowl and whippers in the freezer in advance will give a much softer end product. Everyone loves a light and airy whipped cream. The cold will help create steeper peaks.

20.Manufacture of gluten-free flour

Want to try making gluten-free cookies? Make your own gluten-free flour by pouring oats into a food processor. Not only does it work as well as regular flour, but it is also healthy and delicious.


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