30 Starbucks Secrets Your waitress doesn’t want you to know

30 Starbucks Secrets Your waitress doesn’t want you to know

1.Give your puppy a Puppuccino

Bring your dog to your local Starbucks and ask for a Puppuccino with your order.

Most baristas know how to give you a cup of espresso full of whipped cream for Rover to eat while you’re drinking.

It can cost you a dollar or two depending on the store, but whipped cream is technically safe for dogs (unless they have health problems).

2.They roast their coffee too much for a reason.

Many deep L lovers will not drink Starbucks because the beans have a burnt taste. This is because the coffee chain roasts its beans more than others.

Why? Why?

Well, they sell it as an Italian roast, but if you’ve ever been to Italy, you know that coffee doesn’t taste that way. Instead, some say they do it so you will want to switch to a sweetened drink to cover the taste.

Starbucks doesn’t make much money with black coffee – it needs a venti frappuccino or cinnamon latte for a few more dollars.

3.They use the “Starbucks Effect”

The company has spent millions of dollars to create a high-end image that gives caffeine lovers the impression of carrying less than a Starbucks cup would make them look like dilettantes.

People are happy to spend extra money on something that seems “exclusive” to them and Starbucks (and all other companies) know it.

This is why it is difficult to hold their cups in a way that does not even display their logo.

4.Avoid scalding yourself with this tip

Don’t you need a hot, steaming coffee on your hand first thing in the morning?

Order your drinks at “children’s temperature” – they will be much cooler (140 degrees) than an ordinary drink (between 200 and 212 degrees) and you won’t have to wait until they cool down to start drinking.

5.Look for the black apron.

Most Starbucks employees wear green aprons. But if you see a person in a black apron behind the coffee bar, it means that you are in the presence of a “coffee master”, who has attended more courses and seminars than other employees.

If they don’t seem too busy, ask them if they can make you a drink.

6.Cut the price of your milk coffee in half

Reddit user jadium told readers that there are many ways to order drinks that can make them cheaper than the menu price.

For example, an iced fan latte costs $4, while a “doppio” (two espresso) costs $1.95. But if you ask for a cup of ice cream and two extra glasses, you’ll pay $1.20.

Then, you can go to the condiment bar and add as much cold milk as you want to make a latte.

That’s it! That’s it!

You have to do some of the work yourself, but you’ve just saved a bundle on a frozen ventilation latte!

7.You can usually pre-play your seasonal drinks

Look like a VIP to your friends at Insta by asking them to have a drink a week or two in advance. A Reddit user said that in general, all ingredients are available in stores earlier.

But you’ll have to be lucky and be nice to your waitress if you want her to do you this special favor.

8.Some places don’t want you to relax.

If every customer sat for an hour sipping a cup of coffee and using free Wi-Fi, every Starbucks in the world would exceed their fire code in minutes.

Especially in high-traffic areas where customer turnover must be high to keep business running smoothly, Starbucks (and other restaurants) use different furniture designed to prevent you from becoming too comfortable.

If you see a Starbucks in a popular area of a big city, you may notice that there are very few tables and chairs.

It’s done on purpose. They want you to go upstairs, take your drink and move on so that the next customer will put money back on the table.

9.Skip the ventilation if you’re here for the espresso.

The Reddit user neon told readers that the only difference between a large drink and a drink based on venti espresso is the amount of milk and syrup involved.

So if you order the larger one thinking you’ll get an extra shot, you’re wrong. You just take more sugar.

“This is the same for most standard Starbucks drinks. You can always ask for an extra glass in any size of drink.”They said.

10.Use the Starbucks application if you want to know what’s really in your drink.

Many people order their drinks on demand, but the Starbucks application is a good way to find out what a drink is made of without having to ask.

Then, you can ask for this extra dose of espresso or whipped cream if you know you will need it.

11.They write their prices in a specific way

All beverage prices end in 0 or 5 (excluding taxes) and there is a reason for this. When prices increase, customers tend not to notice if it ends with any of these numbers.

The problem is that you may notice that if the final amount arrives at a new number that does not end with 0 or 5 after tax, but you already have a line in front and behind you and it is more difficult to reverse.

Next time you come in, try to remember if this new $3.65 latte was previously $3.60 on the menu.

12.If you need decaf, order the drip style.

A Reddit user, who was formerly a barista, admitted that many employees accidentally pressed the wrong button when they had a decaffeinated coffee, simply out of habit.

But if you order a decaffeinated coffee, you can’t go wrong because it comes out of a separate pitcher (although they also admitted that it’s not always very fresh because it can stay outside for hours – but it probably varies from one store to another.)

13.Need a stronger coffee? Making a weird request

The infusion used for iced coffee is stronger than regular coffee because it will be diluted as soon as the ice melts.

This means that you can technically request a steamed iced coffee and get the strongest version they offer. And, of course, you can have it without ice.

Don’t be surprised if you have to explain it after a strange look. It’s probably not a request they receive very often.

14.They are FOMO masters

Many companies take advantage of your fear of missing (or FOMO) when it comes to getting exclusive products. That’s why there are so many seasonal drinks and limited editions.

Need to set up your annual pumpkin and spice latte? They rely on this need – and they love to make a difference (even using special cups for the holidays), so you have to come and see what you’re missing.

15.Rude people get decaffeinated

Known to baristas and Reddit users all over the world, the most cruel thing a Starbucks bartender can play for you is to serve yourself your regular coffee for decaf.

You will certainly not know if you are ordering something with a lot of bells and whistles.

It is a favourite passive-aggressive trick of coffee employees all over the world who feel they are being abused.

ALWAYS be nice to your waitress.


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