A puppy jumps up and down the stairs like his three-legged brother


source:Zeppythegolden via instagram

Meet Bowie and Zeppelin: an adorable pair of dogs who love each other more than anything in the world!

Bowie, two years old, is the older brother. When the Klee Kai mixture from Alaska was just a puppy, he broke his hind leg. His parents operated on him and a pin was inserted into his femur. Unfortunately, the pin broke. An orthopedic surgeon told Bowie’s parents that to save his leg, they would have to insert a metal plate. Bowie’s parents, Karisa Maxwell and Matthew McKee, accepted and Bowie underwent his second operation.

Bowie had to undergo four leg surgeries to solve the problems of metal plates and pins.

After the fourth operation, Karisa noticed that Bowie was limping and refused to put weight on her leg. She took him back to the vet, where she was told that the bone was fragile and that Bowie was at risk of infection. The only option left was amputation.

source:Zeppythegolden via instagram

Bowie came in for his fifth operation, and it went well. Only a few days after the operation, Bowie jumped happily on all three legs.

Karisa was so happy to have her energetic and happy puppy back. Bowie quickly learned to navigate life on three legs. He even found his own unique way to walk down the steps of his house.

Bowie loved playing with other dogs more than anything in the world. So in January 2019, Karisa and her boyfriend decided to adopt another puppy.

They decided to buy an adorable Golden Retriever puppy named Zeppelin. Zeppelin was stupid and kind, and she and Bowie quickly bonded.

“They are always huddling or playing together, even when there are other dogs around,” Karisa told Dodo. “We were afraid that Bowie would be afraid to play with her because she became taller than him, but she is so gentle with him, plays at his own pace and protects him.”

When Zeppelin arrived at Karisa’s house, she didn’t really know how to get down the stairs. So she decided to look at how her brother Bowie was doing it.

When Karisa saw how Zeppelin was walking down the stairs, she snapped. Zeppelin jumped the steps like Bowie. She didn’t seem to understand why Bowie jumped up the stairs!

“It’s the only way she knows how,” says Karisa. “We tried to make her walk one foot in front of the other, but she looks at us all confused and keeps jumping.”

Karisa shared a video of Zeppelin jumping the Twitter steps, and the virus spread quickly. Everyone loved to see how much Zeppelin admired his older brother!


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