Meet Yoda, the adorable four-eared cat


Meet Yoda, the adorable four-eared cat

If other two-eared cats have nine lives, Yoda should have eighteen…. That’s right.

The adorable cat was adopted in 2006 by Valerie and Ted Rock, an Illinois couple. They called him Yoda after the Jedi master of Star Wars. He has two normal ears and additional smaller flaps behind his ears, which does not contribute to his hearing.

The cat was featured in 2008 when its owners were interviewed by the Daily Mail. Before meeting the couple, the poor cat had gradually turned into a fairy monster. He was born in a Chicago bar in a large litter, and while he was waiting for adoptive parents, Yoda was tossed around to be examined by customers at the bar. He was only eight weeks old at the time – fragile, vulnerable and terrified.

The Rocks had come to his rescue when the cat fell into their hands. They fell in love with the cute kitten and adopted him as their own kitten. Valerie, 65, said that Yoda came into their lives while they were still struggling with the loss of their old cat.

“Ted and I had just lost a cat that had been our pet for over 20 years, and we were sure we were done with cats,” she says. “When he was passed, he grabbed Ted, slipped into the hollow of his neck and fell asleep – Ted was dead. It was a done deal when the kitten got comfortable on Ted’s shoulder.”

It’s just a normal cat with the look of a bat man.

At first, Valerie and Ted didn’t know how special Yoda was. They did not understand that four-eared cats are extremely rare and unique. It is believed that her additional ears are the result of a rare genetic mutation. When they took him to the veterinary clinic for an examination, the veterinarian was shocked at the sight of the cat.

“He (the vet) immediately went on the Internet and found the four-eared cat in Germany,” says Valerie. “We spoke with other veterans we know, and they had never met anything like this before. We started to realize that we had something very special.

The veterinarian explained that the extra ears would probably not contribute to his hearing. The legs are not attached to the base of his skull, and apart from the unique appearance, everything else in the cat is perfectly normal.

Yoda’s happy life with the Rocks

Despite the fact that he doesn’t go out much, Yoda is a happy and affectionate cat with a strange “bread obsession”. The Rocks have to keep him indoors because they are afraid of a pussy situation because Yoda is not the ordinary everyday cat. He has installed a chip that allows them to track his position in case of loss or theft.

“People take a double shot when they see him or his picture,” says Valerie. “It’s a lot of fun to show it. In fact, people asked us if we had cut off his ears so that he would look at us that way. But it’s a normal affectionate and curious cat and it’s a pleasure to have it around.”

According to Valerie, Yoda has nothing to do with the other cats she has cared for in the past. He is affectionate, playful and sociable. In general, cats love to snuggle up in a corner and sleep. Surprisingly, Yoda is not a wild paper pusher or a big snobby emperor. She is a happy and friendly cat with the warmest eyes.

Valerie explains that her cat is not very vocal.

He rarely mews and when he mews, it is usually a very soft sound. “When it purrs, it’s not audible. The only way I know it’s purring is to put my finger on his throat to feel the vibration.”

Yoda is one of the few cats in the world with multiple ears due to recessive genetic mutilation. Early studies suggest that four-eared cats may have smaller eyes, lower jaws and possibly interference with brain function. All other things being equal, we often find that all four ears are perfectly healthy and normal.

In March 2004, an adorable kitten was born in Murnau, in southern Germany, with four ears and very small eyes. Six months later, she was adopted by a family in search of an animal to love, not to exhibit. She has been described by the shelter as an “energetic, loving and well-balanced pussy”.


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