More than 10 important tips that any dog owner should know – but many, surprisingly, don’t know it.


The joy of owning a dog is difficult to compare to anything else. It is like parenthood, but also completely different from parenthood. Like babies, dogs need a lot of commitment, but unlike babies, they rarely have tantrums and scream at night. It’s a bit like owning a cat, but also completely different from owning a cat. Like cats, dogs love to relax at home. Unlike cats, dogs are always ready to show you their affection and can learn tricks!

There are many nuances when it comes to owning, loving and caring for a dog. Sometimes making sure our furry friends are as happy as they can be is incredibly stressful!

Fortunately, this slide show has gathered the best tips and tricks for all those who want to maintain the health and happiness of their dog. After seeing these amazing dog hacks, taking care of your dog will become much easier!

1.Carabiners are the Swiss army knives of dog leashes

Putting a carabiner on a dog leash makes it easier to attach it to a pole, attach several leashes together and store accessories on the leash! It’s very practical!

2.Dog shampoo too expensive? Do it for a fraction of the price

You don’t want to skimp on dog shampoo. Even the most uncompromising dog lover will admit that dogs can really smell bad! But the problem is that the best dog shampoos are far too expensive. But there is a cheap recipe for dog shampoo that will make your dog’s smell incredibly fresh! Its ingredients are baking soda, cornstarch and lavender essential oils. Here is the complete method

3.Can’t freshen your dog’s breath? Put dog toothpaste in a plush roller

Dog fur can stink from time to time. But dog breath is disgusting most of the time! And applying dog toothpaste can be difficult, even for the most relaxed dogs. However, if you put the toothpaste in a solvent, it means that the toothpaste touches all of his teeth while he tries to lick it! If you have a dog toy with deep grooves, then it can work just as well.

4.Adjust your dog’s speed to eat with an object in the bowl

If your dog frequently suffers from stomach pains that you can’t explain, it may be because he eats fast. Dogs never enjoy their food. But you can make them eat slowly if you place an object that is difficult to remove in the bowl, such as a small bowl or a turned ball. This forces the dog to eat small pieces at a time. Or you can get a bowl with built-in obstacles.

5.Getting or making pill bags for dogs

Some people force a dog to swallow pills down his throat. It’s a disturbing experience for humans and dogs! Instead, you can buy treats called pill bags, designed to contain all the solid medications your dog may need!

6.Put a shower cap on a dog for easier baths

Most dogs hate taking a bath. But one thing that makes it easier for them is to put a shower cap on their head to protect their eyes. They won’t feel so much irritation throughout the shower, and it’s really cute!

7.Braided toys are super easy to make

Dogs love toys so much that they tear most of them up in a few days! But you can reduce the costs of dog toys by making them yourself. Simply cut a few strips from an old shirt or two, attach one end of the strips and twist the strands together. Then tie the other one up and, and you have the perfect dog toy!

8.Making a dog bed with an old hoodie

Active dogs cross their beds quickly! But if you have a used hoodie that you no longer like, then it can be recycled into a dog bed. All you have to do is put a filling cushion in the hoodie and then sew the hoodie! Here is a more detailed guide.

9.Make your own dog treats with what you have in your stomach

If you like baking, you may end up with alternative ingredients. Many of these ingredients can be cooked in dog treats! Just do a quick Google search to see if what you have can be cooked in something a dog would like!

10.Another easy way to improve your dog’s breathing is to sneak into his food.

If parsley is mixed with a dog’s food, then they will probably eat everything. This will make their breath much fresher than without it!

11.Shop for dog food in a pitcher

The jugs are perfect for serving cocktails to your friends on a summer day. But it is also the ideal solution to distribute dry food to your dog!

12.Know the CPR of dogs

Like humans, dogs sometimes need first aid. There are recommended practices that you should follow if your dog needs emergency assistance. Read about them! The most important thing to know is that if you think your dog is not breathing, check if his pupils are sensitive to light. Otherwise, it’s a problem!
You can also check if his gums are grey. If that’s the case, then it’s a problem! Start the massage immediately by placing the animal on its right side and placing your hands on its ribs. You can also try the Heimlich manoeuvre on a dog by turning it over, wrapping it around your chest and pushing it against its rib cage.

13.Scrapers can be better than vacuum cleaners for dog hair

Anyone who owns a dog that loses its hair will tell you that it is a nightmare to remove hair from carpets and rugs. But the best thing to pick up that hair is usually a squeegee!

14.Dogs go crazy for chicken broth ice cubes

If you are concerned about your dog’s weight, there are several solutions. You can make healthy and delicious snacks with chicken broth simply by putting it in an ice cube tray and in the freezer! Your dog will not believe he is eating a low-calorie food.


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